– A Mobile Learning Platform For The Malay Community

As the nation builds itself towards Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir’s Shared Prosperity Vision 2030, Hooty Mobile Learning Platform and ILHAM Academy Sdn Bhd (ILHAM) has launched, the first of its kind Malay mobile learning platform to educate the community online in Malaysia, particularly in financial literacy and personal development.

A major issue plaguing the Malay community is its high youth unemployment rate. The youth unemployment rate in Malaysia, at 10.9% officially, is more than triple the national rate of 3.3%, some which are due to lack of job experience and insufficient skills or education.

Among unemployed youths, the rural youth segment is the biggest hidden segment. Rural youth unemployment has been endemic in Malaysia’s kampungs over the past decade [1]  and there is a severe lack of practical education amongst the community as most local online platforms provide English or Chinese language content instead of Malay.

Secondly, 80,625 new bankruptcies from 2015 until August 2019 were recorded by The Malaysian Insolvency Department with Malays making up the majority of those declared bankrupt with 45,147 or 56%.[2] This figure shows the importance for Malays to improve their financial literacy in order to seek relief from debts and financial illiteracy.

As such, will focus on delivering dynamic and current up to date knowledge and skills in a language the Malay community are more comfortable in. Further, is offering content in business and entrepreneurship, multiplying and protecting wealth, investments, personal development, lifestyle and more.

More importantly, this new platform will help them to upgrade their knowledge and skills in an affordable way so they too will achieve a better life. is spearheaded by Ahyat Ishak, founder of ILHAM and Pejuang Hartanah Community and notable financial literacy advocate with deep and strong ties to the Malay community. As part of his ongoing campaign to advocate financial literacy Ahyat has created multiple programmes which helped Malaysians create immense and sustainable wealth through property investment. As of today, he has over 200k Facebook followers.

About the partnership and launch of the new platform, Ahyat said, “Our brothers and sisters living in rural areas deserve easy access to education as us all. By launching this platform, I want to bridge the urban and rural divide in order to create a brighter future for everyone.

I look forward to a new era where everyone has the same opportunities wherever they are!”

Hooty: Marking its milestones along the way

The launching of the Malay language platform also marks a significant key milestone for Hooty Mobile Learning Platform as it transforms itself into a platform that offers content and learning opportunities in all three of the country’s major languages.

In addition, Hooty’s parent company Quest MasteryAsia Group has signed a collaboration agreement with BH Innovation Sdn Bhd (BHI). This collaboration enables Hooty to provide various mobile learning content via their platform to local telecommunication player Celcom Axiata Berhad through Axiatas homegrown global Application Programming Interface (API) platform, Apigate.

This would enable the whole nation to benefit from the platform, which is in line with its aim of becoming Asia’s premier mobile learning platform in the near future. 

Hooty has successfully increased its Facebook followers to over 30,000 and 2,550 subscribers in its mobile learning platform and is expected to grow further over the coming year.

About the collaboration, KC See, CEO of parent company Quest MasteryAsia Group has stated that “mobile learning is an innovation that cannot be avoided and must be embraced as part of our future. This is particularly important to rural areas where access to updated learning content is not readily available and often costly.”

KC Lee, CEO of BH Innovation agrees, stating that “since the invention of smartphones, mobile phones are no longer just communication devices but for banking, payments, entertainment, and of course for learning purposes. Today 60% of the Malaysian population are using smartphones. It means 19.5 million mobile users are our potential users.”

“I am even happier when Janice told me (that) there is a collaboration with Maxis and Digi this year (with APIgate), meaning will be offered to more Malaysian mobile plan subscribers,” said KC Lee.

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